worship ministry



The worship ministry at Buffat Heights is a fun and exciting place to be involved.  We have several avenues in which one can get involved. First, we have our Worship Choir who helps lead worship each Sunday morning. The Worship Choir is for anyone with a desire to sing praises to our Great God and is encouraged to come and be apart, no audition necessary. The next group is our Worship Band. Our Worship Band is an auditioned group of vocalists and musicians who lead out front for each of our services.


Worship is our response to God that we display through the actions of our lives. Here at Buffat Heights we strive to create a free and relaxing atmosphere for worship. It is extremely important to us that we do the best job that we can to help usher God’s people into His presence. I think you will find that Buffat Heights is truly a place where God’s people gather to sincerely worship.