Essential to every believer’s life is the regular worshipping of our God. Buffat Heights encourages you to make a commitment to worship weekly with the Body of Christ. Additionally, worship is essential for everyday life, so make daily personal worship (including prayer and reading of the Word of God) a priority.
Learning to walk with the Lord each day requires that you are being taught the truths of Scripture. Buffat Heights encourages you to connect with a small group Bible study at least once a week.  There are always opportunities here at church to grow. Each person in our church is also encouraged to connect daily to the Scriptures so that through your personal study, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, you will grow in your faithfulness towards God.
Jesus gave us the commands and an example, that we should serve others, both inside and outside of the church. Buffat Heights encourages each person to find a place to serve the Lord each week. Serving can be as simple as helping to setup or clean up after an event or helping with babies in the nursery. It can also be in leading a small group or helping in a ministry or a team.  Serving others helps keeps us connected to people while we demonstrate the kindness
of Christ.